Ground Freight


Moving a vehicle to another country is a different process than shipping a car domestically. From the method of loading and shipment to the paperwork and licensing required to operate internationally, there are many more legal and logistical hurdles, even in addition to the longer distance.
The experience of shipping all types of vehicles all over the world makes CG-Logistics your premier shipping and logistics specialist.
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CG-LOGISTICS, with our authorized partners, loads vehicle via a modern loading system using metal lifts in the container where the cars only get strapped by the wheels. This gives vehicles more space in the container and minimizes the risk of damage. Multiple vehicles are loaded into a single container, ensuring fast delivery times.
We utilize this revolutionary car loading rack system for international vehicle shipping from the Europe to USA, Dubai, China and more. CG-Logistics also utilizes this system for car shipments from Germany & Holland to Dubai. We’ll assist project customers in selecting the best shipping solution.

Worldwide Auto Transport Customs Documents
One of the most challenging aspects of hauling an auto to another country is understand and filing the legal paperwork necessary to the job, and this is where shipping companies can really help. Our car shipping company employ a staff of experts with a wide-ranging understanding of customs and the import/export process to make your shipping experience as seamless and easy as possible.

Open Air Car Shipping

Open air transport typically means that your auto is loaded onto a multi-car carrier along with other vehicles before being moved. Think of what you might see on the highway, moving several new cars to an auto dealership-this is an open air transport carrier. A flatbed truck can also transport a single vehicle, though this is more costly and generally used for door-to-door shipping
While open air shipping is one of the more popular and cost-effective ways to move your vehicle, customers who are concerned about weather and road debris during transit may prefer the complete protection offered by enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Enclosed transport shields your vehicle from the elements, offering the best protection at the best price. There are two types of enclosed shipping options used in the industry: soft-sided and hard-sided.
Soft-sided enclosed transport uses a transport carrier that is covered in canvas or vinyl, offering limited protection against weather and road conditions, but more than open air transport. Soft-sided carriers can prevent most damage from small rocks, wind and rain.
For an extra level of protection from weather and road hazards, hard-sided enclosed transport is recommended. As one of the best car transport options available, hard-sided enclosed transport completely protects your car from travel conditions and weather, keeping it sealed off from the outdoors.
An added benefit of hard-sided enclosed transport is that it also prevents prying eyes from seeing your auto while it’s being transported; clearly a good precaution to take when moving high end vehicles.

Oldtimer & Motorsports Logistics

When transporting an exotic, classic or luxury car, you want to be certain that your vehicle will be handled with the utmost care to ensure that it arrives in the same condition it left in. 
Upon request, we can even load your automobile into the first position in the trailer so it does not undergo loading and unloading as other cars are added and removed. 
Though insurance and satellite tracking come standard with every quote we offer, it is important to consider additional insurance if your auto is particularly valuable. This type of insurance can be offered through your existing auto insurance plan or can be purchased through a third party carrier. Suggested Enclosed transport service.

Motorcycle Logistics

Motorcycles have special requirements for seaworthy packing and securing due to the higher risk of damages during the transport. We arrange crating/packing and stowing at our warehouses on request , special truckings if needed, and a secured shipping and handling all the way to destination.
Every motorcycle gets a taylor made transport solution to make sure, that the risk of damage will be near zero. Of course, a marine insurance is available on request.

Specializing on car imports to Europe, USA, Middle East, China, and Australia, CG-Logistics offers full-service global car buying, international shipping & exporting services to many worldwide destinations

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