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We are committed to delivering a powerful platform that can bring speed and scale to your logistics. We provide immediate access to shipping quotes and we instantly match your logistics requirements with the right shipping service.

Easy Worldwide Vehicle Shipping & Buying

CG-Logistics GmbH. limited liability company, with registration number HRB 223876 B, with its registered address at Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 43 – 44, 12099 Berlin, Deutschland, that manages the CG-Logistics.eu vehicle shipping, 3PL service and online booking system.
CG-Logistics GmbH is an accountable person, thus required to charge VAT on all transactions.
CG-Logistics acts as a freight forwarder and third party by 3PL service.

CG-Logistics.eu online platform through which CG-Logistics manages the booking system for transportation and logistics services.
business day: every day except for Sundays, national holidays and bank holidays in the countries of pick-up, transportation or delivery of the shipment, weight: real weight of the shipment, expressed in kilograms or calculated through a formula, provided by the carrier, who execute the shipment of goods, taking into consideration other characteristics of a shipment (i.e. dimensions…),you/the client/the customer/the user: person or persons, requesting the booking of transportation services, provided by CG-Logistics.

Starting point
We started with the concept of strengthening the fragmented logistics industry by using technology to gather all transportation capabilities in one place. We have been cooperating with a vetted network of global logistics providers.

At later stages, to build upon our vision of empowering businesses to handle their logistics more efficiently and gain access to a wider array of transportation services. In this way, we have helped businesses with minimal logistics demand to expand their fleet and ensure that no vehicle travels empty. The logistics services is fully efficient only when every van, truck or plane reaches its maximum load.

Present time
Today, we have become a curated marketplace that comprises, on one hand, businesses from different industries, with frequent and one-off needs for logistics services, and on the other hand GLOBAL CAR SHIPPING & EXPORTING & ESCROW SERVICE.
Our logistics is based on two aspects we never compromise on: their high safety standard and quality of service.